Amarelli Italian liquorice 

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Italian company Amarelli has been making liquorice since 1731 making it one of the oldest confectionery companies in the world. Amarelli are justifiably proud of their liquorice describing it as:

"The most esteemed  and the most delicious, full of healing virtues and as sweet as our Calabrian sun, which is why liquorice grows here spontaneously. If the earth and sky do most of the work,we do the rest with all our enthusiasm, our care and know how which has been in our family for 300 years."


Amarelli's liquorice is packaged in their charming iconic tins or stylish boxes. Amarelli liquorice is wholly natural and all the pure liquorice products are sugar free. This liquorice is stunning and full of flavour.

Amarelli Liquorice

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