Bombon Cudié


Bombon Cudié speciality is the Catànies® - a unique formula that has remained exclusive thanks to the exquisite combination of Mediterranean Marcona almonds and the secret family recipe of the white praline used to enrobe the almonds.

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Considered to be one of the highest quality varieties of almond throughout the world, the Marcona almond is round, full, sweet and has a low percentage of bitterness. With its Mediterranean origins, Cudié strengthens its best qualities with a careful process of roasting and caramelizing.

The original covering to the almond is a great family secret. A recipe that has been kept from generation to generation and that, thanks to its unique design, creates the bouquet that is so characteristic of the Catania.

Bombon Cudié also produce a range of Mediterranean Tiles inspired by the street tiles of their native Barcelona. Each praline is decorated with a colourful 'ceramic tile' to create a visually stunning collection.

Bombon Cudie Catànies

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