Charlemagne Belgian Chocolates


Belgian chocolatier Charlemagne makes a line of chocolates notable for their flavors.

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The taste of chocolate was in the filling, coated with classic dark chocolate, milk or white. The greatest success of Charlemagne chocolates lies in the development of a patented manufacturing process: "fragrances in the mass", which allows the production of a very fine product, long in the mouth, whose aromas of essential oils will never cease to enchant you. This patented process allowed the chocolate factory to become the world's fourth innovative chocolate factory in chocolate production.

Since January 2017, Luigi and Pierre-Yves Araghi (father and son) have embarked on a challenging task of bringing Charlemagne Chocolates freshness and modernity while perpetuating quality and traditional manufacturing processes. Today, the range has been completely re-looked with an updated design, modernised and complemented by three new perfumes, among one with white chocolate.

The specificity of their chocolate is the innovation and excellence of their products.​

Charlemagne Chocolates' factory is located in a typical farm dating from the seventeenth century and according to history, this magnificent residence would be the birthplace of the Emperor « Carolus Magnus », Charlemagne.


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