De Juan

The company Jose Pelluz Bernal was established in 1980 by José Pelluz along with his wife Montserrat Esteban. They started in the food sector in a small district of the Region of Murcia located on the southeast of Spain, close to the Mediterranean Sea. One of the stars is the De Juan Fig cake.

Together, with big effort and illusion, they undertook a fascinating adventure: manufacturing traditional products from the ground, based on traditional recipes, which they used to sell in local markets.

What was the product they began with? This question has a simple answer: Fig Cake with Almonds, the flagship product of the company for many years, still famous nowadays. This was the product which made known the brand “De Juan” as a symbol of tradition and exquisite flavour.

De Juan also produce an interesting selection of snacks from fried Comuna Almonds and a Cocktail selection.

Fig Almond Cake-200g
Apricot with Almond 100g
Fig Almond Wedge-250g