Dresdner Backhaus

German Stollen have been around for nearly 700 years and is prized throughout the world as one of the most famous and beloved of all Christmas pastries. The Christmas Stollen is one of the Germany’s favorite holiday treats. More than 2.5 million Stollen are purchased in German retail stores each year, and countless more are baked in home kitchens.

Germany’s first Christmas market was held in Dresden in 1434.As the former capital of the wealthy kingdom of Saxony, Dresden developed a vibrant culinary scene over the centuries and, correspondingly, churned out a great number of culinary inventions. That also applies to the stollen. According to a 100-year-old recipe.

Dresdner Stollen has to be made with a distinct ratio of key ingredients, otherwise it’s not Dresdner Stollen.

The oval gold seal is a guarantee that a Dresden Christstollen® has been proven to be of constantly high quality. Dresdner Backhaus is a holder of that seal. 

Under EU law, the name Dresdner Stollen is protected; that is, products sold under this name had to be made in or around the city of Dresden. The protection of geographic origin preserves distinct identities, qualities, and recipes for well-known regional European specialties

Dresden is the home of Dresdner Backhaus the makers of this fantastic Stollen

Dresdner Backhaus Christstollen
Christstollen 750g Box
Fruitcake (red-ribbon) 480g
Christstollen 500g Bag
Christstollen 750g Tin
Christstollen 750g Bag

Dresdner Backhaus Stollen