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Ecoficus specializes in delicious delicacies based on organic figs.Located in the region of Cáceres a city in western Spain's Extremadura region and  outside the ancient village of Almoharin the city of figs.


Ecoficus is a family business, with a large experience in the production and distribution of organic products, and have fully control of the product from the trees care to the final production in the factory, "from the field to the table", allowing them to make a foods of the highest quality.


Their origin are in a mountainous region of the center of Extremadura (Spain) where figs and olive trees were introduced by the Arabs peoples during XII century. With this fantastic raw material and a pollution free environment, being one of the wildest in Europe, the  company has managed to produce a very original and healthy list of products  Ecologic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Figs Bombon, Dried Raw Figs, Fig cake with orange Fig Snacks.


All products have been made with eco ingredients, are vegan suitable, gluten free and added sugar free (bombon contains eco cane sugar).

Ecoficus Figs

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