It’s easy to call their self Generous, but it’s much more difficult – and exciting – to live up to it. Generous is the name of their product, the philosophy of their company, their sustainability driver, and their mission.
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What is this work Generous get up for with a smile every morning, feeling all fuzzy and generous inside?  Generous try to bake great organic, gluten-free treats in the world, in the finest Belgian tradition and doing it with no waste, fair trade suppliers and with an endless appetite for experimentation.
At Generous, “gluten-free” is not a restriction but an addiction to finding new and exciting ways to create magic. Generous use buckwheat, tapioca or millet, whatever works best in the mix. It’s first and foremost being generous with taste for people with or without intolerance.
Generous' cookies are hand baked in their Brussels’s workshop before being conditioned by «Travie», a sheltered workplace which contributes to the insertion of disabled people by offering them a useful employment in an adequate environment.
Generous avoids wasting food by creating special gift packs for the biscuits that they cannot sell (i.e. because they are broken, chipped or simply look weird) and give them away to neighbourhood charities and all sorts of generous people and organisations.

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