The name is Doodle, Johnny Doodle, Johnny isn’t a man, not a woman, but a way of life. Johnny loves the finer things in life en enjoys every moment of the day. He always has someone else his best interest in mind and is not afraid to be himself around others. Stop the nonsense, break the bullshit!
Bringing back fun on the market is Johnny’s biggest mission. Just look at the packaging, doesn’t it look cool? In his own factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands Johnny makes the tastiest chocolate bars. By inventing crazy combinations of flavor, ingredients richly poured on top of the bar there is something for everybody. A side from the cool packaging and delicious chocolate Johnny takes an extra step in being accountable for the cocoa farmers. He has started his own foundation, The Johnny Doodle Foundation.
Every time when Johnny has saved a nice amount he asks the farmers what they think they need in stead of assuming what they need. The results of Johnny’s projects can be found on the inside of the wrapper

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