La Molina chocolates

La Molina is a Tuscan company dedicated to the production of the finest artisanal chocolate. Fine looks and fine flavours are the reasons why the company was founded and are the purpose of its existence.

La Molina chocolate is an expression of creativity, taste and technical mastery. The selection of ingredients and the search of their balance in the final recipes with chocolate, are the result of an accurate ongoing study in the laboratory, aimed to achieve non-invasive combinations that always leave room for the chocolate taste. To use only natural and fresh ingredients, respecting their seasonality, La Molina has perfected methods of processing and storage of the product, intended to avoid the use of essential oils, preservatives and artificial flavourings.

The caramelization – with sugar or maltitol – catches and keeps the aroma inside crunchy crystals, to release it later in the process of tasting when the crystals, due to the warmth of the mouth will melt. Through the slow process of infusion, spices and herbs release their fragrances to chocolate, to arise their full aroma at first bite. Fresh fruit is dehydrated or candied, dried fruits is roasted directly in the laboratory or by selected partners of high mastery. Wine and spirits, used in praline, are selected with the same care and criteria, and turned into jelly or ganache to preserve their freshness and original taste.

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