La Perla di Torino Italian Chocolate

Established in 1992 La Perla aims to re-interpret the traditional flavours of Piedmont Italy, like hazelnuts, with originality and innovation.

La Perla di Torino is a family company narrating and offering quality. Nowadays the history behind all products as well as their values and traditions are prerequisites for the worldwide consumer, while the effectiveness in conveying such care on the market is the real strength.

Both classic and creative recipes, handmade packaging thought out in the tiniest detail as well as innovative consumption opportunities make La Perla-branded products a sweet reference for its shops and final clients.

La Perla di Torino performs in all the most distinctive events of design, fashion, literature and art, where food is both culture and trend, and which today is the iconic reference for chocolate truffles in Italy and abroad.

Ambassador and conveyor of an authentic chocolate culture, La Perla di Torino has built a production site which is optimized to operate in compliance with the most restrictive quality regulations such as the Global Standard for Food Safety BRC. Bright, airy and located on the banks of Dora river in Turin, their laboratory is organized and structured with low environmental impact materials and it is now powered by 100% renewable energy.

La Perla di Toino’s range includes :

  • Tartufi di Cioccolato;  Miniature chocolate truffles in 3 flavours -Gluten Free

  • Coffee truffles

  • Giandujot made following traditional recipe for authentic Giandujot of Turin

The products are delicious and the packaging delightful.

La Dolce Vita Tin
Limoncello and Merginue Truffles
Christmas Tree