Legast Belgian artisan chocolatier


Legast artisan chocolatier©, are Belgium chocolatiers who trace the origins of cocoa through Latin America, visiting and evaluating plantations from the land where beans first grew and developed fine aromas.


Legast craft their chocolates using the most delicious character flavors from indigenous times. Their recipes have been carefully conceived with quality ingredients and artisan work to develop real natural flavors.

Legast are all about quality and true flavors, and believe in the benefits of a direct-collaborative trade with their sustainable local farmer-partners. 

Legast hope to grant you a journey across flavors.They  trust they can contribute to local farmers' better living, conservation of biodiversity and sustainable production.

Legast dark bars are completely natural and vegan. They contain only  organic sugar and fine cocoa. No preservatives, no gluten, nor artificial flavors. Their exceptional aromatic notes (fruity/ floral / wooden/ nutty/
cinnamon/intense chocolate/ dried raisin.…) are completely real and natural

Legast Belgian Chocolates

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