Lorusso specialise in slow made bio jams.
The company is half Spanish and half Italian: two cultures based on the ancient greek philosophy. In fact, their founding value is the Socratic “kalokagathia”: a thing cannot be truly good if it is not also beautiful, as beauty and goodness are always inseparably bound together.
You can observe it in every single detail of Lorusso products: both in the content and in the container, that is: in form and in substance.
Their jams are 80% pure fruit (a percentage that no grandmother, not even the most generous, ever dared to use), and have such an artistic packaging that it is really difficult to answer this question: Is this product more charming or more tasty?
Lorusso have won awards for their jam (including gold at the UK marmalade awards in 2018) and also for their incredible packaging.
Lorusso are a member of Asociación Español Del Lujo ( Luxury Spain).

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