Maison Pecou


Pécou, the French manufacturer of quality sugared almonds and dragees. Over the years, its quality, creativity and dynamism have guaranteed Maison Pécou its reputation for excellence. Creator of sweets for all festive events, it offers a wide range of sweets that will appeal to all gourmets. This year there is a new range, full of colors and flavors .The orange flavor enriches this large family, for its timeless association with intense dark chocolate.

Maison Pécou is a fifth generation company specialising in gourmet sugar and chocolate specialities.
Liquicroc, specially patented by Maison Pécou, is a sugar coated chocolate dragée with a melting soft liquid centre.

Maison Pécou’s La Recette collections are a mix of their dragée specialities in various packaging options.


The desire to expand the delicacies range has led to the emergence of new chocolate specialties . Maison Pécou has selected six pre-packaged sweets  that will perfectly accompany coffee moments. A selection of chocolate candies is now available all year round to satisfy all tastes. There is a treat for all occasions. Welcome to a world of delicacies .

Maison Pécou Almonds

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