Carline Dark & Milk Chocolate Discs with Grilled Nuts


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Mendiants of premium dark and milk Belgian chocolate topped with grilled nuts.

Mendiants are French confections typically served around Christmas time and are discs of melted chocolate studded with dried fruit and nuts. The word derives from the Latin root mendicans, which means “begging,” in reference to those beggars of alms — monks or friars in religious orders who have adopted a lifestyle of poverty for the purpose of preaching and ministry.

Historically, mendiants have four traditional toppings, each one representing the four Roman Catholic mendicant monastic orders and the original colour of their robes during the Middle Ages: almonds (white) for the Dominicans, raisins (grey) for the Franciscans, hazelnuts (brown) for the Carmelites, and dried figs (purple) for the Augustinians.

Made in Belgian

Carline is one of Flanders’ premier chocolate and marzipan producers who craft chocolates from traditional recipes and all natural raw ingredients