De Juan Spicy Cocktail Mix 120g Jar


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A tapas selection of peanuts, beans, chickpeas, corn and peas with paprika

Made in Spain

De Juan is a brand of Jose Pelluz Bernal a company stablished in 1980 by Jos? Pelluz along with his wife Montserrat Esteban. They started in the food sector in a small district of the Region of Murcia located on the southeast of Spain, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Together, with big effort and excitement, they undertook a fascinating adventure: manufacturing traditional products from the ground, based on traditional recipes, which they used to sell in local markets. They started this project with the esteemed help of a small number of collaborators (mostly family and friends) who, in a short time, managed to transform around 1 ton of product per month. Today the company employs 120 people and exports to more than 25 countries.


Blanched PEANUTS, beans, CORN, Yellow Chickpeas, small tender CORNS, peas, Giant toasted CORN, salt, flour, paprika

May contain traces of other nuts, gluten, sesame,