Goulibeur Tomatoe and Basil Sable 100g


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Shortbread (sable) biscuits made with tomatoe and basil and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Shaped into ingots they are perfect for snacks, lunch boxes, nibbles with drinks.

Packaged in an eco friendly kraft bag

Made in France

Based in Poitou in France, Goulibeur is a family company specialising in Broy? de Poitou ? an all butter shortbread. Cooked in the farms of of the region, the Broy? de Poitou is shared on all occasions, following the rhythm of seasons and accompanies farm and family events.??The?Broy? de Poitou recipe is passed from one generation to another in every family and each one has its secret.?Brigitte Arnaud-Bou?s (the company?s founder) holds the recipe from her grandmother Paulette.??

Since 1976 Goulibeur continues the history of taste and tradition. Goulibeur is an EPV company ? this is an award from the French State in recognition of companies who promote quality artisan expertise.



wheat flour, pastry butter, fresh eggs, 3% tomatoes (concentrate and powder), dehydrated onions, sea salt, sugar, pepper, dehydrated basil

May contain traces of nuts.