Torrons Vicens Agramunts Hazelnut Nougat Box 300g


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Traditional handmade Agramunt Nougat with Hazelnuts.

Turr?n de Agramunt?is the nougat made in the municipality of Agramunt in the Catalan district of Urgell in the Province of L?rida. It is produced using honey, peeled and roasted almonds or hazelnuts, sugar, egg whites and covered in wafers.

It has a firm and crunchy texture, yet melts in the mouth. In order to prepare this sweet nougat, the old nougat-makers used to roast the hazelnuts before mixing them with the honey and stirred the mixture until it became homogeneous. Today, it is still a hand-made delicacy prepared following the traditional recipe.

Made in Spain

Torron Vicens is a family company which since 1775 has been loyal to the production of artisanal nougat, and specifically to the Agramunt?nougat but also has a focus on innovation and product development.