Raffaelli Oil and Fine Food

The Plain of Lucca, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apuan Alps, is a land steeped in gastronomic traditions. This region of famous names from history and literature is where the company originated, among hillsides where Tuscan olives grow in abundance. The Raffaelli family began to sell extra virgin olive oil paying more attention on product quality and customer satisfaction.A love of things still made with passion, authentic products that bring to mind simple, natural foods.

In recent years, technology has been allied with tradition, enabling Raffaelli to make marked improvements in quality.In the meantime, the oil is to be found on all the best tables throughout Italy and has been sampled by gourmets all over the world, together with the results of another ambitious project: the rediscovery of the other culinary territory traditions.The result has been product lines such as I Freschi d’orto (Fresh from the Garden), Le Primizie (Early Fruit and Vegetables), sauces and creams mainly in recipes based on wild boar, as well as pasta, cold meats, vegetables and sweets. A true gastronomic journey in which all the ancient flavours can be rediscovered unaltered. Making sitting down together at table a truly joyful occasion.

A rich and varied pasta range has been created by Raffaelli  from the best Italian tradition, from bronze-extruded shapes to pastas flavoured at the time of preparation with the highest quality ingredients. The most innovative of these include cocoa flavoured pasta. This Raffaelli speciality is prepared with the finest quality cocoa powder and has a natural somewhat bitter flavour that goes very well with a first course. It does not contain added butter, sugar or milk. An original pasta dish for special occasions from Raffaelli. To bring out the flavour, it can be served simply with garlic and peppers or something more sophisticated such as cream and chopped fresh strawberries. The Raffaelli  range also contains a selection of cereals, vegetables, dried green vegetables and herbs ready for use in flavoursome risottos. Enabling enjoyment at any time of the pleasures of good cuisine and the finest flavours of the season.


Tagiolini with Orange
Tagiolini with Pepper
Mushroom Polenta