Stefania Calugi Fresh Truffles and Mushrooms


Calugi Mushrooms and Truffles was created in 1987 in the heart of the Tuscan countryside where in a completely natural environment the King of the Table grows- the Truffle , Tartufi.

Located in the heart of Tuscany, Stefania Calugi is a dynamic company specialized in the research, selection and sale of fresh truffles and mushrooms and in the processing of truffle products. In addition to a well established network of truffle hunters, the company  has 30 hectares of owned forests, that have organic certification.

The first factory was started  in 1988. It was a  small 67 square meters artisan workshop in the center of Castelfiorentino. Expansion to a new 400 square meters factory in the Castelfiorentino industrial area shortly followed 

Stefania Calugi is a descendant of four generations of truffle hunters collecting since the late 1800’s. A  young Stefania started providing fresh truffles and mushrooms to the Tuscan restaurant professionals and thanks to the impeccable selection work combined with the great dedication to her job, Stefania became a preferred tartufi  supplier to Tuscan chefs.

Tradition and experience have been passed on by Stefania Calugi grandfather to his grandchildren. There has been a transformation over time into an organisation that provides a guarantee of authenticity and quality in the harvesting and manufacture of products based upon truffles, mushrooms and other produce from the region. All Calugi’s  creations are originated to keep faith with the philosophy that has always been the hallmark of Stefania Calugi: to create genuine products that maintain absolutely consistent flavours  which are available to be rediscovered every day at your table

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle
Toasted Hazelnuts with Truffle
Tartufaio’ Black Cream with Mushrooms and Truffle