Anis de Flavigny

Anis de Flavigny lovingly produce old-fashioned French aniseed hard candies coated in sugar syrup which come in assorted fruit and floral flavors and packaged in collectible tins .

Anise of Flavigny is a candy from Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in Burgundy. Anise candies were first made by the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Flavigny, as reported by the Roman traveller Flavius. After the French revolution, several confectioners began making this delicacy using the same recipe

The Abbey at Flavigny has been producing candy since 1591. Still based at the Abbey, the Troubat family continue to make Anis de Flavigny candies based on the original recipe. The candies are made using only 3 or 4 natural ingredients – aniseed, beet sugar, natural flavouring and natural plant extract. Anis de Flavigny is an EPV company.

Anis de Flavigny candies are presented in keepsake tins, decorated with beautiful artwork. 

Tradition states that a Roman traveler brought a magic seed back from Syria to modern-day France. The little piece of magic, the aniseed, was later cultivated in the village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerian, coated with sugar and offered to guests as early as 1591. Today, a team of twenty-five villagers still produce the famous Anis de Flavigny candy using the traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. Perfumed with natural flavors of orange, mint, licorice, rose, lemon and violet, Anis de Flavigny candy will delight today as it has for centuries.

Each candy is made in a dragee process starting with a single anise seed: Over a period of 15 days it is covered with successive coats of flavored sugar syrup. The finished candy is always called “Anis” by its makers, even when the flavor is one of violet, rose, mint, jasmine, liquorice, or orange instead of anise.

The candy comes packaged in the company’s famous oval tin or traditional box

Oval Tin Blackcurrant 50g
Anis de Flavigny Oval Tin
3 Oval Tin Gift Set