Baratti e Milano

Baratti Milano Italian Luxury Chocolate and Candy. The famous traditional gianduiotti, cremino, chocolate hazelnut spread, amaretti cookies, Cioccolata (hot cocoa), fruit jellies, chocolate bars and gift assortments.

Legend has it that Baratti & Milano invented the famous Cremino and perfected the Gianduiotto. The perfect chocolate of Baratti & Milano melts in your mouth and leaves a clean finish after it’s gone.  Pure happiness in chocolate form. Famous wine writer Ian D’Agata has said, “Baratti e Milano is the ‘Grand Cru’ of Chocolate”.

Its founders, Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, in 1858 opened a confectionery in Torino(Turin). The two enterprising young men had moved to Turin during the industrial revolution, in search of fortune. They became engaged to ladies who brought them substantial dowries and supported their work. Together, Ferdinando and Edoardo, succeeded in establishing themselves in a short time as the chocolate makers to the Royal family of Savoy.

The Baratti & Milano company, has passed the milestone of 160 years. Like few other companies, it has remained in business all this time, surviving two great wars, and is often the protagonist of history, inspiring fashion and customs the world over

Baratti e Milano, with its historic shop located in the heart of old Turin has already celebrated its 150th anniversary and has been at the forefront of Turin’s history, inspiring fashions and customs in the ‘sweet world’.

Today Baratti e Milano is a well established confectionery company with 2 factories: one in Bra (near Cuneo) dedicated to confectionery and chocolate, and the other in Sassello (Liguria) specialising in pastry bakery products.

The reputation of Baratti e Milano brand has grown even further thanks to the quality of its products, delightful treasures with unmistakable tastes which still today retain all the wisdom and experience of the Piedmontese confectionery tradition.

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