Biscotti Tumminello Sicilian Bakery

 Artisan biscuits from Sicilian bakery Tumminello. Biscotti Tumminello  is a company in continuous expansion which uses the most modern technologies in compliance with  production techniques  inherited from the ancient artisan tradition .

Biscuits Tumminello started in  Castelbuono a Sicilian town of medieval origin in 1977. Over the years, the family-run artisan workshop became a small company, where each product is born in a unique way with the choice of the best ingredients and with respect for traditions.

The passion for baked goods, passed on from generation to generation, allows Biscuits Tumminello to work today to make fantastic biscuits with the authentic taste of the biscuits of the past.

Biscotti Tumminello is a constantly expanding company. It uses the most modern technologies in compliance with production techniques inherited from the ancient artisan tradition, thus implementing the combination of tradition and modernity that gives cookies a unique value.

The quality of Biscuits Tumminello is based on the use of raw materials exclusively produced in Sicily and of high quality.

For the production of its biscuits Tuminello uses  flour, milk, eggs from free-range hens, manna, lemons, real almonds, honey, dried fruit exclusively produced in Sicily.

Tumminello Tifeo Tin
Lemon Biscuits
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