Confetti Pelino

Since its founding in 1783,Confetti Pelino has concentrated both on the quality of the product and the wellbeing of its customers. This means using only the best certified ingredients such as Avola almonds, hazelnuts from Piedmont or Viterbo and Belgian chocolate so as to maintain the best possible taste. Quality also means using traditional production processes that preserve the integrity of the ingredients and ensure a total taste sensation. Fantastic and tasty wedding flavours.

Confetti Pelono focus on customer well being means that the production processes are maintained in accordance with the most stringent health requirements. The Pelino Company guarantees that its traditional white ceremony confetti products are 100% free from animal fats and contain only almonds, sugar and vanilla. The chocolate confetti also contain cocoa butter fat derived from the cocoa berry.

All Pelino products are made following an ages old process without starch, gluten or malt-dextrin. They are therefore suitable for those with common intolerances and allergies including coeliac disease. Moreover, they are a good example of an integrated food as they contain a combination of protein, carbohydrate and unsaturated fat – all with a delicious taste.

Pelino also guarantees that all decorations used on the confectionery are also of the very highest quality.



Sicilia Sugared Almonds
Sulmona 500g