Francois Doucet

Francois Doucet is a French confectionery company which has made exceptional pralines, jellies and chocolate treats for over 50 years.

Situated in the heart of Provence, François Doucet Confiseur was created in 1969 and quickly became a thriving business without ever losing its home-made character. François Doucet offer three lines of products: Pralinés, Pâtes de fruits and coated fruit bits. They give the utmost importance to seeking and selecting the finest fresh fruit and nuts. For their gourmet fruit jellies, they select the best varieties of fruit straight off the tree, always picked at their plumpest. Tradition, quality and creativity are the pillars of the François Doucet brand.

Francois Doucet was founded by Francois and Maggy Doucet. Initially the company’s only product was “Pralino Eis Amando de Prouvènço”: roasted almonds of Provence wrapped in a nougatine (mixture of caramelised sugar and powdered almond), herbs of Provence and vanilla bourbon.

However  as the great-grandson of Théodore Vieillard, creator of the Auvergne fruit paste, and grandson of chocolatier Leon Mazet,  Francois had a rich tradition of confectionery and the company soon began to specialise in fruit jellies and candied fruit coated in chocolate made from fruit 70% of which is harvested fully ripened in Provence and neighbouring regions.

Watch Francois Doucet’s amazing process below

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