La Praline Truffles

In 2001, Jean-Claude and Katharina Eggel opened their chocolate shop in Linné, Gothenburg. It didn’t take long until the business went from a shop to wholesale trade.

In 2011, after many years of experience and expertise in chocolate, Jean-Claude and Katharina decided to take their business a step further. Namely, to start producing truffles themselves in the city where it all began.

La Praline Gothenburg is now a leading company in the truffle world. They can proudly say that they are the only ones in Scandinavia producing truffles themselves. This is not only good for the environment because it shortens the transport process, but they also create jobs and have full control of the raw materials used in their product.

La Praline produces 14 different flavours of truffles and also 3 Christmas flavours; apple/cinnamon, ginger and gingerbread.

La Praline Gothenburg is the small family company with the great capacity.  In the last two years the La Praline team also consist of their oldest daughter Natascha, now responsible for marketing, and her fiancé Johan, now responsible for the production.

What is it that makes La Praline so successful? They are good at what they do. Their goal has always been to produce what they have been asked for, i.e. tasty truffles in a stylish package.


La Praline Chili Truffles
La Praline Natural Truffles