Maison d’Armorine French Caramels

Based in Brittany, Maison d’Armorine specialise in salted butter caramels made using natural ingredients and Fleur de sel from Guérande. FoundersYvonne and Raymond Audebert were boldly creative confectioner. As early as 1946, they were making the famous lollipops called “Niniches” and also the delicious salt butter caramel, two specialties which have become a part of the Breton culinary heritage. Since that time, three generations have taken their turn in the workshop, always using the traditional manufacturing processes. Copper caldrons, a craftsman’s skill and unique creations giving new life to the confectioner’s art.

Salt butter caramels individually wrapped and presented in an array of charming packaging from transparent boxes to wooden boxes and gift tins.

Maison Armorine is celebrating more than 70 years of tangy existence by perpetuating, for three generations, the traditions and know-how of this family of confectioner artisans.

Caramels in Cube Boxes
salted butter caramel lollipops
Salted Butter Caramel Cream Assortment