Maison de Florentins

An artisanal Florentine biscuit factory, Maison de Florentins perpetuates an ancestral recipe brought up to date by a renowned chocolate maker. All products are made using the highest quality ingredients mainly from independent local producers with no preservatives, artificial flavours or palm oil. The company has 2 ranges – a gourmet range – Maison de Florentins and a house range – Signé Michel Chatillon

Combining tradition and modernity, their company  strives to preserve the authentic values at work in the field of confectionery: high quality ingredients, total transparency, the transmission of a healthy delicacy inscribed in French tradition.

According to legend, the Florentine recipe has its origins in the Renaissance: it was developed by the cook of Anne de Bretagne. For a moment fallen into oblivion, this delicious gourmet specialty was revisited in 1965 by chocolate maker Michel Chatillon. Since 2020, the  Maison de Florentins artisanal Florentine biscuit factory tradition has continued in La Chapelle-sur-Erdre in the Nantes region, following the takeover of the Maison de Florentins by Yann Ducarouge. Maison de Florentins are very proud of the values of their Florentine biscuit factory, which require perfect transparency and total respect for their employees and customers.

Dark Chocolate with Mint
Milk Chocolate and Caramel
Dark Chocolate wth Caramel