Méditéa Provençal and Mediterranean

Méditéa manufactures and markets specialties, spreads, Provençal and Mediterranean ready meals made from olives, fish, vegetables, etc. The products in the Meditea professional range are made according to traditional recipes from traditional Provençal gastronomy.

The quintessence of Les Délices du Luberon is developed in Meditea’s area. Their products are made in Provence from fresh vegetables – high-quality fresh ingredients such as olives from Nyons and the Vallée des Baux. Their packaging and artwork underscores the values of tradition, authenticity and distinctive local character. A fully revamped offering of 40-plus products perfectly satisfies consumer expectations.

Full control over their production processes, up-to-date facilities and wonderful surroundings that nurture the finest Provençal produce mean Meditea can cook fresh vegetables and make the finest, most delicious products for the Délices du Luberon and Le Marche Provencal brands.

Olive Tapendae
Olives Gift Box
Grissini with Augergine Dip