Nougat Diane of Poytiers

In 1920, Charlotte and Antonin Chambonnière founded the “Nougat Diane de Poytiers” factory. The Duchess of the Dauphinois in the 16th century, Diane de Poytiers, was, according to the legend one of the nougat ambassadors. A street and a house from the 16th century still bears her name to this day in the city center of Montélimar. Thinking that she would be a beautiful face for their future nougat factory, Charlotte and Antonin decided to use her name. Thus begins this family story of nougat craftsman in Montélimar, who has endured for three generations.

Today Charlotte’s grandson, Frédéric Chambonnière, and his team carry on the tradition. They produce 75 tonnes each year of nougat. Nougat Diane de Poytiers  use  local products such as honey and almonds to better control the quality of raw materials.

Production is by true artisans. The nougat cooks in a copper cauldron for more than two hours and a person must monitor the temperature at which the various ingredients cook. At Diane de Poytiers, even the packaging of the nougat is done by hand.

Diane de Poytiers mainly produces Montélimar nougat, soft or hard, but also produces some house specialties, such as honey nougat, organic nougat, Guérande salt caramel nougat, lavender flower nougat or the fig nougat.

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