Pasticceria Rippa

Pasticceria Rippa’s Baci di Dama and Amaretti are masterpieces of the art of pastry making and in keeping with the traditional genuineness of those who  know well the authentic and original recipe and the best ingredients, which have been carefully selected and constantly reviewed.

Sergio Rippa was only a child when he entered the shop of the pastry chef who first created the so-called Bacio di Dama in Tortona. Not yet fourteen, Sergio began to learn about pastry art from that authentic Master. Among biscuit cutters and moulds, old copper pots, a large wood-fired oven and massive stoves, this scrupulous and meticulous man handed down to Sergio all his passion for this job.

In 1958, Sergio and his brother Marco founded the Italian bakery Pasticceria Rippa in Sale (a small town in the province of Alessandria), and it quickly became a reference point for the most discriminating palates.

Rippa’s bakery is still in Sale and continues its production of the so-called Baci di Dama and Amaretti Soffici (Soft Macaroons) as tradition has it: with authenticity and quality. Over time, Rippa’s products have reached an increasingly wide market, both for personal consumption and for a gift that does not go unnoticed, on the contrary it is remembered with delicacy at every Bacio or Amaretto.

Rippa’s bakery produces its famous Baci di Dama – literally called Lady’s Kisses – and Amaretti Morbidi (Soft Macaroons) through a handcrafted process, keeping unchanged the peculiarities of these two historic masterpieces for the enjoyment of a limited number of gourmets.

Baci di Dama and Amaretti Morbidi (Soft Macaroons) are two grounds of the Italian pastry art, and a tribute to the traditional genuineness of those who perfectly know the authenticity and originality of the recipe, together with a careful processing of raw materials which are carefully selected and continuously controlled.

Amaretti Blue Gift Box 100g
Almond Amaretti Bag 150g
Amaretti Spaghetti Tin 150g