Strega Alberti Hand made Chocolate

Established in 1860 Strega Alberti is not only famous for its iconic Strega Liqueur but also for their handmade confectionery which includes chocolate, torrone and baked products.

Strega Alberti employs 75 people and is divided between the traditional liqueur and sweet production section and the pastry preparation section. The Factory and its administration is still run by the Alberti family, it is now run by the fifth generation. The secret of Strega Alberti lies in its ability to combine traditional products with technological progress. All the production phases have evolved but still keep the wisdom of the Master pastry chefs and liqueur makers.

The entire range of Strega Alberti products are made with selected raw materials of the finest quality. Strega Alberti personally and carefully supervise the processing of the chocolate to ensure a unique taste.   Strega Alberti’s mission is to follow tradition and to guarantee our consumers a product with a simple, natural and authentic taste.

Strega Croccantino 300g
Rum Babas
Strega Magie Assortite in latta