Torrons Vicens

The Vicens’ family having been producing nougat, specifically Agramunt’s nougat, using traditional artisan methods since 1775. They continue to innovate on the traditional product to create new recipes and products.

Torrons Vicens produce more than 150 varieties of Nougats joining tradition and innovation. 

From the Agramunt Nougat, with name in its origin ( El Turrón de Agramunt, con denominación de origen (Protected Geographical Indication), the Soft Nougat, Hard, Yolk Nougat, Coconut, Marzipan and Chocolate, Round Cakes and Guirlache Nougat shape our classic and authentic varieties.

To the Vicens Gourmet range which brings together Torren Vincent most select products, taking care of every detail. The exquisite nougats are presented in boxes in different formats .

Cherry Times
Excellence Soft Turron 150g