Villars Swiss Chocolate

Established in 1901 Villars produce premium pure Swiss chocolate, crafted by expert Swiss chocolatiers using Swiss Milk and the finest ingredients. In 1935 they were the first to invent the liqueur filled chocolate.

All Villars’ products show the Swiss Origin Logo in line with the Swissness new legislation introduced in January 2017. Companies are only permitted to show the swiss origin on food products if production is realised in Switzerland and 80% of the ingredients are of Swiss origin excluding cocoa beans, almonds and nuts. 

Packaging is distinctive and unique including Premier Swiss chocolate in a collector tin decorated with genuine Villars posters from the last century

The Premium Swiss Chocolates with Liqueurs come as bars or individual chocolates in a range of attractive gift packaging

Dark Orange 100g
Blond Pure 50g
Dark with Rhum 100g